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Quality pumps for every application

ROI PUMPS was founded in the late 70’s initially for the borehole and irrigation market. Gradually though, ROI PUMPS evolved into a market leader of pumps and pumping systems, covering nearly any need for pumping liquids with entire range.

Full Range

ROI SA withholds pioneering position being partner company to its broad clientele with complete range to support any need for pumping.

Everywhere in Greece

Distributed nationwide to a broad service network of own branches or exclusive (or non-exclusive) partnerships.


ROI PUMPS has decades of experience in pumps and pumping systems equipment, assembly servicing at its Service Department facilities.

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Quick Response

Fast estimate of your project's needs.

Tailored Solutions

Covering nearly any need for pumping liquids with entire range of pumps and pumping systems.


Experienced service personnel and service – maintenance vehicles, trained network, Service Centers and external partners.

Product Availability

ROI S.A. has probably the largest immediately available product catalog in Greece.

Partner Network

Support network throughout Greece with partners and distributors in every major city.

Certified Service

All service and maintenance tasks performed by ROI S.A. are according to manufacter's standards and use only original parts.